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Offer MRI and CT without interruption

Medispace, founded in 2011, is the premier specialist in mobile MRI and CT. We supply fully-equipped mobile and modular MRI and CT units across Europe as a temporary replacement for your own MRI or CT scanner, or as a solution to bring your care closer to the patient. You can continue scanning at all times, and will never again need to refer patients.

No unnecessary staffing costs

In contrast to other suppliers, we supply mobile MRI units and mobile CT units without staff. This is because our mobile MRI and CT units operate in exactly the same way as the MRI or CT scanner in the hospital, so your own laboratory technicians can work in the manner they are familiar with. This means no extra staff are required. If desired, Medispace can also supply staff.

Equipment of the same quality as in the hospital

Our units are exclusively equipped with high-quality equipment with the latest certification. This means that the MRI and CT scanners we supply are often of the same quality as those in the hospital. 

Hassle-free installation

We always start by inspecting the site and requesting the CAD drawings, so that we can install the mobile MRI or CT unit in the most ideal way without surprises. Our mobile units can be installed within an hour, and our modular buildings within around 4 hours. Patients can be helped again immediately.

Extensive expertise thanks to large partner network

We have access to a large network of partner companies, with whom we work together closely. This gives us access to extensive expertise about temporary and permanent MRI and CT.

Flexible and effective

We have access to a fast help desk. This makes us flexible and effective, and means we can resolve problems very rapidly.

Why you should choose Medispace

  • Our mobile and modular MRI/CT units allow you to keep scanning at all times
  • You use the latest equipment
  • Only MRI and CT equipment with the latest certification
  • The MRI or CT unit is installed within an hour
  • And patients will feel as if they are in the hospital as normal

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