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Everything you wanted to know about mobile MRI and CT

Our mobile MRI and CT units are generally used as a temporary solution, for example during renovations, long-term maintenance or insufficient capacity. However, they can also be used to bring care closer to the patient, and to offer care at multiple locations.

Our MRI and CT trailers are fully operational within around 60 minutes, and our modular MRI and CT buildings within around 4 hours. Working lights are installed all around the exterior of the units, so that the driver can install the mobile MRI unit or mobile CT unit early in the morning or in the evening, if desired.

Four supports and extendible legs ensure that the mobile MRI or CT unit remains stable and level. In theory, it can be installed anywhere. We always inspect the site and request the CAD drawings, or have our own draughtsperson prepare a drawing. This means we can always install the mobile MRI or CT unit in the most ideal way.

The two-axle trailer has rear-axle traction. Including the MRI or CT scanner, it weighs around 28 tonnes.

The mobile MRI or CT unit works like a normal scanner in a hospital, so the hospital's own laboratory technicians can continue working in the manner they are familiar with.

The mobile MRI or CT unit is neatly finished inside, and appears spacious despite the limited space. In addition to the scanning area, there is also a large work room for the laboratory technician and a changing room for the patient. The mobile MRI or CT unit is also fitted with air conditioning and underfloor heating and its own (emergency power) generator.

If patients enter the mobile MRI or CT unit via a corridor, they will feel as if they are still in the hospital. In addition, the trailer is often just as neatly finished as the hospital itself, which means that patients in fact generally have a positive impression of the mobile MRI or CT unit.

The mobile MRI and CT units from Medispace are exclusively equipped with the most common, high-quality equipment from GE Healthcare and Siemens. This means the MRI scanners we supply are often of the same quality as those of the hospital itself.

Our service and maintenance are coordinated with the Healthcare providers in the Netherlands. While maintenance is of course carried out locally, all contact occurs via a fixed contact person in the Netherlands.

The MRI or CT is installed inside an RF cage and is fitted with steel shielding to contain the magnetic field, just as in a traditional hospital situation. The wiring, switchboards, electricity and water supply and lighting are ingeniously hidden away. The mobile MRI or CT unit is seamlessly connected to the hospital's own PACS system via the data link.

The MRI and CT trailers can be used for a period of 1 day, 1 week, 1 year or longer. The modular buildings can be used for periods of 8 weeks or longer.

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Why you should choose Medispace

  • Our mobile and modular MRI/CT units allow you to keep scanning at all times
  • You use the latest equipment
  • Only MRI and CT equipment with the latest certification
  • The MRI or CT unit is installed within an hour
  • And patients will feel as if they are in the hospital as normal

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