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When is a mobile or modular CT unit the right choice?

The temporary solution for every CT problem

We supply fully-equipped CT trailers and modular CT buildings to any desired location throughout Europe, for short periods of a few weeks or for longer periods of more than a year.

 Scan your patients yourself

Do you want to avoid the need to refer your patients to another hospital while your CT scanner is temporarily out of service due to a renovation or disruption? With our mobile or modular CT units, your department remains operational and you can continue to scan your patients yourself.

 Reducing waiting times

Do your patients find the waiting times for an CT scan too long, leading them to visit another hospital? By using our mobile and modular CT units as extra capacity in addition to your own CT, you can reduce waiting times, and patients will be happy to visit their trusted hospital.

 Care closer to the patient

Do you want to work more efficiently, while also bringing care closer to your patients? By installing mobile CT units at different sites, temporarily or permanently, you will have access to high-quality CT capacity at multiple locations. This means your patients don't have to travel so far from home for a scan.

 Temporary accommodation

Are you looking for a replacement space while your department is renovated? Our fully-equipped mobile or modular CT units are the ideal temporary accommodation: whether it's connected to a hospital via a corridor or is free-standing, the patients will feel they are in a professional hospital environment.

 Keep scanning during disruptions

Do you want to be able to continue scanning your patients when disruptions occur, such as damage to or malfunctions in your CT scanner? This is possible with our mobile CT units, because they can be set up within an hour: patients can be helped again immediately, and your staff will experience no disruption at all.

Would you prefer to avoid a ‘trailer’ by the door?

We can imagine that you may be sceptical about a ‘trailer’ as a CT unit. However, once you see our mobile CT unit, you will see that the trailer is just as neatly finished inside as in the clinic.

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