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Medispace Hybrid MRI-unit for Queen Victoria Hospital

The perfect (temporary) MRI solution

Queen Victoria Hospital is a specialist NHS hospital providing life-changing surgery, burn care and rehabilitation services to people in the South of England. The hospital's radiology department provides access to inpatients, outpatients, patients with minor injuries within QVH, and direct access to their primary care community.

Always an MRI solution

Queen Victoria Hospital strives to perform all MRI examinations at a place and time that is most convenient for the patient. They wanted to provide a 5 day service on a more ground level trans-locatable unit. The Medispace Hybrid MRI unit means the hospital can now quickly and comfortably serve its patients.

Ideal for disabled and claustrophobic patients

Sarah Solanki, Radiology Services Manager at Queen Victoria Hospital, explains: “The Medispace Hybrid MRI unit is accessible to disabled patients thanks to the ground floor access. The hybrid unit has also been set up much more spatially, so that patients have indicated that they feel less claustrophobic than in a mobile unit. A real added value!”

"We are very impressed by the team, their approach and the MRI unit."

The Medispace Hybrid MRI unit: always in top condition

Sarah continues: “What immediately appealed to us is the flexible, friendly and honest approach. This has also been shown in the implementation: the installation went smoothly and thanks to the sensors, Medispace can resolve a fault before we know it was there. This way, the Medispace Hybrid MRI unit always remains in top condition and we can do our job very well!"

Is the Medispace Hybrid MRI-unit the right solution for you?

Are you looking for a temporary MRI solution and do you want to keep the department operational without losing ease of use and patient comfort? Submit your business case to us. We like to help you!

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